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Sad Story Of The Wonder Boy Whose Bones Keeps Breaking Like Glass

No one believes he is 14-years old because of his disability

Disability they say, is not inability.

Finding a person whose life does not seem perfect as yours does not mean, they have lost it all.

There have been several documentaries on the lives of such people and in most cases, you would realize these individuals even seem happier than you may think.

There have been cases where people who are armless conclude on the fact that they don't even think they do need them, as they are able to do everything they could have used their arms for with the help of other parts of their bodies like their foot or mouth and they feel very happy.

Never underrate a disabled person near you, for everyone was created with their unique ability. That individual you look down on because of their situation may be the ones to help you out in a very pressing situation at a point in time. This is a story of cheerful 14-year old Alphonso who has never walked since he was given birth to.

According to the young boy's mother, her son was born with a deformity because of malnutrition during her pregnancy according to information from the doctors.

As per information obtained, the mother returned the child to the hospital few days after birth so the doctors could help her son out before his state becomes worse as he grows but it seemed nothing could be done about his situation.

This boy was born with no knee as his arm bone and leg bone were both flat that he never crawled while he was still young. It is known that at a certain point, his bones began to break like glasses and because of that, it was only the mother aside the doctors that could carry him.

All his life he has never moved on his own, his mother always had to carry him and wherever you place him, there he will remain until you come back for him because he could not make movements.

Surprisingly enough this boy had a naturally sharp brain as he could read and write perfectly well even though he had never stepped his foot in a classroom, so this encouraged his single mother to find means to get him admitted into an educational institution.

At first, it was full of disappointment as they got rejected everywhere until they were finally granted admission into a school.

Truly, Alphonso did not fail his mother as he was found among the best students after their examinations and this made most teachers begin to like him. It is known that Alphonso's father abandoned them leaving everything up to his mother after his birth.

Inspite of all these, the mother still believes in her son as he dreams of becoming a Paediatric Doctor to be able to care for children who may fall in his shoes or alternatively become a teacher if his first option fails.

His mother is therefore calling on all to help them with a wheelchair to ease the stress on her as he could be moved about by other people as she goes about her farming without worrying about his safety.

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Alphonso Wonder Boy


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