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Tired of looking for love - Efia Odo

As a normal person, finding the right partner to calm down can be a difficult experience, but it can be twice as difficult for celebrities, especially the women I deal with in their lives.

Fighting can take her through many relationships and this is the current situation actress Efia Odo is in and now she says she is tired of looking for love.

As for the outside actress, she was a good person and the right man who would win her heart had to be sure that she had a good wife.

"I guess I have to keep looking for love because I'm tired. All the guys that come to me are looking for something else and not true love. They want your pants or they just enjoy it. Meet Efia Odo, which doesn't work for me.

"I dated a few boys at the time and all of them didn't work out. I wanted to get married and have kids because that's what I want now. I understand love, and when a guy understands me, it's very easy for us to "I'm not difficult person and very submissive when I was in love," she recently told showbiz Grahi.

In the midst of busy looking for the right man, Efia tells Odo that she cannot meet a man who has broken up or is married.

"The days of caring for men because I'm in love are over. If you're heartbroken, please don't come to me because I want a man to trust me. I'm not married to a man, I have a lot of married men who want to be close to me and was in a relationship with me, but it wasn't for me. I didn't want to be the reason the marriage failed," he explained.

Regarding the type of person who can win hearts and disclosures about him, Efia Odo said she can't be with a man who is lazy or offended.

“I work really hard for my money, so I hope my husband is serious and works harder for his money. I always wanted to look good, and that cost money.

“So if you're lazy, it's not for me. If you do abuse, forget about meeting Efia Odo because it won't work. "I've been alone for two years now, waiting patiently for the right man," she said.

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