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Watch: Two Women 'Shamelessly' Fight Themselves Over A Man Until They Got Half 'Naked'

WATCH: Two Women Shamelessly Fought Themselves Over A Man Until They Got Half "Naked"

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Since, childhood, most of us have been living with the illusion that Love is common among white men especially Americans. This we watch and learn from movies and we jump to conclusion that American love is the best you can have.

Some of us even think that, due to the population over there, the sharing of women amongst men will be 5:1, thus one man will get five ladies. However, what these ladies were captured doing publicly is something that has got netizens reacting massively.

 In a video spotted on the official entertainment page, LQENTERTAINMENT, these two ladies were captioned fighting tirelessly and shamelessly over a man. When the fighting got more serious and dangerous, another woman rushed to separate them and guess what - she got dragged into the battle.

After the third women realize there is nothing she can do about the situation, she came back and allowed two women to kick themselves hard. Yes, they didn’t stop and fought relentlessly until they got half naked.

Like I said earlier, the reason for the fight as it was captioned in the video is that they are fighting over a man. I wonder where the generation is heading to, instead of men fighting over women, now it is the other way round or vice versa.

The funny thing about the fight is that they fought brutally and then decided to lean against each other after they realized they are tired.

As usual, netizens didn’t watch without reacting. See some of the reactions below.

Is it right for women to fight over a man?

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“Photos, screenshot from Facebook”

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