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Great Lessons From Joe Mettle's White Wedding And Apraku My Daughter's Funeral.

Unfair World : Joe Mettle's White Wedding Vrs Apraku My Daughter's White Coffin. What You Should Know

Today 15th August, 2020 is a Saturday. Saturdays are for programs or events.

The white wedding of Popular musician Joe Mettle and Apraku My Daughter was held today at different locations.

I sat down today in my chair and started crying. Why ? This world is unfair. I realised a voice was talking to me as I compared the two events.

This world is truly unfair

I realised and learnt two things. What worries an individual doesn't concern the other. I learnt that what makes one laugh could be the same thing to make someone cry.

White could be the favorite color of Joe Mettle, hence his wife's color but the same white color could remember Apraku My Daughter's family of a White coffin that was used to bury him. Hence remember sadness.

We live in a world of choices. The fact that Joe Mettle is a Happy man doesn't mean someone may not cry.

I've been reflecting and all I could say is " The world is unfair. When happiness comes, enjoy. When sorrow comes, endure.

Share to inspire some one today.

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