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Fine Lady Raises Concern After Being Spotted Dancing With Mad Man And Rubs Him With Pink Clothe

The video of a mad man and lady Dancing on a street is drifting on the web yet most online clients are of the assessment that the woman in the video isn't intellectually sick as she looked perfect and knew about what was going on. 

Some believed that she is a ritualist and ought to be researched on the grounds that sooner or later she drew out a napkin and embraced the lunatic before long.

The has a clear mission, that is easy to see, she acted as if she's mad but definitely not, she is absolutely okay.

The mad man usually move about beating drums with some ugly song, this faithful, he was on his usual antics when the young Beautiful lady came and started dancing to his beat.

The mad man became very excited and was beating the drum as hard as possible as the lady kept dancing to the amazement of the passerby crowd.

But notice, there's a pink cloth or handkerchief she stylishly removed from her pant as the mad man got lost in ecstacy, she touched the mad man with it and gave him a hug, she then slowly exited the scene and the mad man inconspicuously followed her as the crowd disperse.

Surely, this is a woman with a mission, her mission is unknown as no one from the crowd even challenged her despite the fact that the mad man followed her, but some people are suggesting she may be a ritualist.

What do you think?

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