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The moment Yaw Tog couldn't define Music when Berla Mundi asked him on live TV

Ghana's youngest hip hop artiste, Yaw Tog was seen in the studios of TV 3 earlier today. He was there to talk about how he is doing in the music industry and the award he won at the Vodafon Ghana Music Awards. It could be recalled that, Yaw Tog's 'Sore' song won Hip Hop music of the year. He has been doing well in his music career looking at his age and what he is doing.

After Yaw Tog was adjudged best hip hop song of the year, he went to the stage to pick the award and also gave a thank you message. It was in his speech that he gave a shout out to all those who supported him and also shout out to his haters. His acclaimed haters he gave a shout out to generated a lot of confusion. People were saying he was jabbing the then drill music partners known as "Asakaa Boys".

They were referring them as his haters because they have been separated. But he used the opportunity to explain things well to Miss Gee who was interviewing him. He explained that he has no bad blood with the Asakaa Boys and thanked them for the support he got when he was coming up. He also told Mz Gee he is about to complete high school and further his education.

When they were done with the interview, Mz Gee called Berla Mundi to join them in the studio. So Berla ask him how he has been combining his education with the music and he said he has time to read and time to do music. She also asked him that there was a time he was asked to define geography and he couldn't so he should define it for her to see. He replied by saying he is not in a classroom and perhaps they are talking about music so he will not talk anything about geography.

Berla said if that is what he is saying then he should define music since they are talking about it. He defined music as anything we create to make people happy. Berla laughed and told him that is not the definition of music because there are a lot of things we create to make people happy. Well, of a truth that is not the definition of music so it is not known where Yaw Tog got his definition from.

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