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Some beautiful pictures to remember in the movie Kumkum Bhagya

This article is to give a slight Intel about our Kumkum Bhagya actress PragueCan you remember this lady ,her name is sliti jhai but she's known to most Ghanaians as Prague or pragiya as most pronounce the name .After she featured in a movie that was the most greatest trend in the country way back 2015,She has been a model for most of our women .In the movie it featured artists like Abhi Shek Mera who was known to be a musician,the movie had a genre of Music and romance and was planned to a marriage scenes Great feast and dance were the tunes of the day and suffer was the standing stone of this actress sliti jhai in the movie ,Her outstanding acting participation lead the movie into a great trend which took over Ghana .This article is not made for advertisment but rather to take people's mind back to some of the great trends in our movie way back 2015

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Kumkum sliti jhai


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