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"Wall Gecko Style" Is My Favorite Position - Fatima Naughtily Reveals To Zion Felix

Through an in-depth interview with Zion Felix, Fatima, the rising star has revealed various aspects about her life which wasn't publicly available.

Although she had a sad backstory about growing up in a Foster home and her father neglecting her growing up, she equally balanced the interview out by being hilarious and fun to watch in general.

As you know how Zion Felix normally interviews his guests, he leaves no tables unturned and thus didn't hesitate to dive into the personal life of Fatima. Zion then decided to inquire about the sex life of Fatima as she publicly stated once on date rush that she loves it a lot too.

With laughter, she reaffirms what she stated publicly and adds that it is a great stress reliever. Zion in response probed deeper and asked what her favorite position was. Fatima quickly replied saying "Wall Gecko Style". Zion who was confused and surprised burst into laughter.

He then asked for an explanation as to how it is performed.

She started by explaining that it obviously involves the use of a wall. She then got shy and smartly changed the topic as she didn't want to reveal things that were too personal to be discussed on television. She also adds that it is a private discussion that only the person she gets as a date will enjoy.

From analyzing the interview some observations can be made. First is her immense beauty and it surprising that several male candidates on date rush do not see she is a true gem. Secondly, her eloquence and ability to keep the interview refreshing and entertaining to watch. Thirdly she seems to have loyalty and humility as her core traits.

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