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Jackie Chan vrs Jet Li: Who would win?


Chan Kong-sang by profession known as Jackie Chan is known for his outstanding prowess and has featured in many movies dating way back from Drunken Master, Karate Kid, Spy next door, Rush hour,etc. He started his way into the movie industry and he's a now loved by almost every movie nerd on the planet and even non-movie nerds. He's a film director and also a choreographer as he progressed further.

Would you believe Jackie Chan is 66years old and despite his age, still shoots movies?

There was a moment where he almost got trapped under water shooting a movie this year called vanguard but it was then postponed indefinitely due to corona virus.


Li Lianjie, better known by his stage name Jet Li, is a Chinese film entertainer, film maker, military craftsman, and resigned Wushu champion who was conceived in Beijing. He is a naturalized Singaporean resident.

In 1971 Li entered a mid year sports program and was haphazardly doled out to a wushu (combative techniques) class. At nine years old, he got an honor at the first wushu rivalry held in China since the Cultural Revolution. Li at that point went through portion of every day in preparing and half in school before he started to prepare full-time.

His movies dates back to The Shaolin Temple, Fearless and even in The Expendables. I hope you remember all these movies.


"The Forbidden Kingdom" (2008) marks their first appearance cast in a movie where they fought each other for the same aim.

To the lovers of these two amazing fighters, the genuine euphoria comes part of the way through the film when Jackie Chan and Jet Li battle one another. The scene is set up that one may be more disposed to have Chan win, yet Jet Li is so darling and regarded that seeing him win wouldn't trouble you either. 

There's as yet a surge and crudeness about observing these two Kung Fu experts go at one another. 

It doesn't go the extent that one might want, however it is sufficiently engaging. In any case that I would need to state that on the off chance that it wasn't totally arranged out, if Jackie Chan and Jet Li got into a genuine battle, the winner will be 'abi you know dada' Jet Li.

What's your take on this?

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