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"Sweetheart Are You Jealous?" Cilla To Khadija Of Date Rush After Bismark Kissed Cilla's Hand.

It's getting 'tensious' already as the ladies on Date Rush is starting to have some friction!

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So the next contestant is Bismark who is a into showbiz. He's a presenter and a content creator.

He came in with too much swag which had probably gotten him tagged as full of himself. Whether he is or not, Bismark seem to have gotten carried away with himself and forgot to treat the ladies the same way as any other lady. He ended up kissing the hand of Cilla while giving Khadija 'bozai'

According to Khadija, it's not nice and this lead to her switching off her rush. After giving the reason, Cilla simply asked if Khadija was jealous? She went further to say she is simply not confident in herself and she could be the one that the guy would even choose!

Guys what do you think?

Is Khadija jealous or Cilla is wrong?

As it stands now, Khadija's rush is on and Cilla is off. She seems to think guys who talk a lot do less which is exactly what she is seeing in Bismark

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