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Date Rush: After several 'heartbreaks', Desmond finally grabs Jennifer as his date

Aside Rockson, Desmond is one of the guys who has suffered heartbreaks on the show for countless times. Beginning from season one, most of the choices he made didn't go on well with him as the ladies keep on putting his rush off. In episode 6, one of the ladies who came on stage made some preferences that went in line with him but unfortunately, she did not choose Desmond.

After all said and done, Desmond has finally settled on someone in a swift and simple way. Desmond from the beginning put his rush on and was hoping the lady will choose him. Right from the time Jennifer entered, Desmond was cool watching what was transpiring between her and other guys. He tried to be calm observing what was going on.

It got to a time that Jennifer has to off some of the guys rush leaving two. She did so by leaving Desmond and Quecy. After asking both questions, she decided to choose Desmond over Quecy. The joy alone and the laughter on the face of Desmond will tell you that, he was really thirsty and waiting for this day. Congratulations to Desmond for finally getting a date.

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