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All Hail To Twene Jonas The ‘Fela Kuti’ Of Modern Times

For those who do not know Fela Kuti, he was a Nigerian activist who addressed issues as they were. In the 1970s, Fela Kuti led opened conversations about how corrupt the Nigerian government was.

He believed that the African continent is consumed by corrupt officials and Nigerian is the lead country. Fela Kuti used music to trumpet most of his messages and wished the leaders of Africa especially Nigeria would change for a better continent.

Fela Kuti was arrested many times. At the last count, he was arrested two hundred times on different occasions.

In 1984, Fela Kutin served his longest jail term of twenty months. But that did not stop him, Fela openly criticized leaders and asked critical questions bothering on development, employment, health, education, and many others.

Fela died at the age of fifty-eight in 1997. The continent keeps remembering him for his fearless nature in approaching issues as they were.

File photo – Nigerian Singer and musician Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

But it seems Ghana is having its own version of Fela Kuti in the name of Twene Jonas. For some time now, this young man who is based abroad has been addressing the challenges of Ghana with all boldness.

Twene Jonas mostly holds live videos online to communicate to his audience. The words used by Twene Jonas in his videos have been widely condemned.

I believe if Twene Jonas was based in Ghana, he would have either been arrested a long time ago or made to face the laws or be monitored by officials of the National Security.

Twene Jonas has been criticized, particularly by the people of the Ashanti Region after he attacked their overlord, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II in one of his videos.

He has been cursed and summoned to render an apology but that does not even tickle him. In normal circumstances, anyone who offends the Ashanti Stool would run to apologize but this is not the case with Twene Jonas.

The young man has even gone ahead to record damning videos to call the bluff of the Ashanti Kingdom. Apart from this, Twene Jonas has been attacking the leadership of the country with unprintable words.

He has been addressing challenges in Ghana such as schools, health, the environment, illegal mining activities, and many others. He has pledged to continue on the tangent until all the challenges are resolved.

File photo – Twene Jonas

Twene Jonas is gradually picking the traits of the late Fela Kuti, very fearless to authority. However, I think Twene Jonas can address the issues as they appear and put a stop to the insults.

It is said that we must honor our parents with all the needed respect. with this in mind, Twene Jonas must know that authorities in Ghana are like his parents and should accord them the needed respect.

His boldness, just like Fela Kuti must be commended. This is because, if Ghana has about thirty percent of its youth population addressing similar challenges, the country would have seen some form of improvement.

All hail to Twene Jonas just like Fela Kuti but he must desist from the insults and address the issues.

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