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Tuesday's Update on UTV's Love To Death Telenovela. [Pictures]

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Today update on LOVE TO DEATH (Dↄ Kↄ Si Owuo Mu)

Mateo looks so happy about the good news of Eva’s pregnancy and he tells Eva that he is dying to see her with a big belly and to feel the baby kicking, as he has a list of boy’s and girl’s names to choose from to give the child. Mateo tells her that they have to go to their house that it is not her responsibility to take care of all her family’s problems.

Panchito suggests to Lupita to call inspector Montilla about the kidnap and Lupita tells him that Beltrán told her that he would do everything possible to save Juliana and bring her back to her. Panchito asks her why she trusts that man so much; Lupita replies that the police and drug dealers sometimes work together and that is why she wants to believe Chino.

Beltrán tells Jacobo that Alacran kidnapped his daughter Juliana but before Alacran will give him back his daughter he demands that he hands Chino over to him and now he has Chino’s body, but he is not going to hand him over since he can’t do that to his own body to be hurt by Alacran but warn Jacobo to stay indoors and not go out.

Lucho tells Val that apparently Juliana has started to like men because she is dating Sergio and they had sex.

Mateo meets up with Gancho and he gives him a meeting place where Alacran will be meeting up with the Carvajal contacts helping them to launder the money. He goes to the hotel and there he discovers that Eva is the contact of Alacran laundering the money and he becomes heartbroken but in all he takes pictures from affair with Eva’s notice to serve as evidence.

After Eva and Mayela managed to go see Guilli without allowing Renata to go with them, they lie to him that Renata has never been there but Val is on her way to see him. Later after Val arrive, she and Renata manage to see Guilli in the jail and there Val tells him that Renata has always been at the station after his arrest and told even brought him food. Val tells him that they are doing everything to get him out of prison as soon as possible. Renata then begs him to endure the pain until the end.

Eva tells Alacran that she has never wanted to have kids and much less in that sort of situation, Alacran confesses that his father never recognized him so as his son and that messed his life up but he will recognize his son and give him his surname. Eva tells him that they agreed that Mateo would be the official father of her son, because even if the baby is his (Alacran), she could never say that his father is a criminal. Alacran reproach her stating that if that is so then she is also a criminal. Eva tells Alacran that she is having an abortion and he warns her to not try because he will kill anyone who decides to kill his son and Eva goes anxious.

Lucia asks Camilo if Jacobo Reyes is genuine because he always lie that he’s not Chino but a messenger of Leon and Camilo says “Yes” it’s true. Lucia tells him he thinks Jacobo is rather Camilo’s messenger and so she wants to know if he also believes that she and Johnny are murderers of Leon Carvajal and Camilo goes silent.

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