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Having The perfect soulmate

Many people face series of challenges when it comes to relationship issues, the truth is that nobody is perfect you are not neither is she you both are meant to complement each others flaws.

There are some basic principles which relationships are built on and these are Love, Trust, commitment and being faithful are these basic principles put together then there is a possibility of having a decent relationship.

The mistake most people make is they started the relationship on the foundation of money and materials things, in this situation the love is coming from one party while the other acts as a parasite such person has nothing to offer than to take. A materialistic relationship can never last even if they scale through the courtship level, it will even get worst after marriage. Now let talk about the basic principles of love.

1. Love

God is love himself, you can only love when you love yourself cause you can't give what you don't have. You need to learn to love your partner regardless of circumstance love endlessly. Have you ever thought what causes divorce, if they never Loved each other in the first place they would never end up marrying each other but along the line the fire of their love began to quench and they began to see each other flaws at this point every mistake is vivid they can no longer tolerate each other.

2. Trust

If you want trust you have to also give some trust away, sure everyone one has a past experience which sometimes reflect in the current one. One thing you should know is that if the previous relationship was gonna work out there wouldn't have been a break up, so forget about the past and move on with the future, don't judge your spouse with your past experience but instead learn to trust, you can't not know true love without such experience so don't be scared to trust.

3. Commitment

Most people lack commitment they are never stable, the truth is one needs to learn self control. For the men you can't go round running after everything that wear skirts you need to pick one and find perfection in her picture her as the most beautiful woman in the world respect and love her, make her your queen and she will make you her king. Give her no reason to doubt you.

With all these been said and put into practice I can proudly tell you my relationship is a blessing cause I have found my perfect soulmate, which I know yours can also be possible.

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