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Fred Kyei Mensah Gives Review On Current State Of United Showbiz; Predicts Doom For The Program

Ghanaian music producer and writer, Fred Kyei Mensah has reviewed the current state of UTV's most watched entertainment show dupped United Showbiz.

Anyone can attest to the fact that since the program began, one has ever comprehensively reviewed this show on this platform more than Fred Kyei Mensah.

According to his current observations, the steam and the vibrancy of the program of late, has not been the best. The personal issues is becoming unbecoming on the program. He said, it will get the trends, but the aftermath will be problematic to the program.. 

"United Showbiz is tilting towards a certain direction which i have no jurisdiction over but, if one sits aloof weeks after weeks for personal scores, vendetta, acrimony, disrespect, insults, threats, vilification, insinuations, despicable comments and others to be allowed on it, then it calls for concerns" he wrote in a post. 

It is disrespectful to the viewers to see guests, using swear words and, insult each other in the name of trends. Come on! Complacency is setting up on the show with the cliche that " United Showbiz deɛ, obiara pɛ" so we can feed them with anything. Nothing lasts forever

It's been happening almost every week and later the host/hostess will come and apologize. Whom are we deceiving? Let sanity prevail on the set!

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