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John Dumelo harvests 3 tonnes of ginger from his farm

Presumably John Dumelo is quite possibly the most skilled entertainers Ghana will perpetually be pleased with any day anyplace. 

He has not just assembled a lucky standing for himself at the film business he is likewise taking huge steps in different undertakings of life. 

The entertainer was a parliamentary possibility for the public majority rule Congress for the Ayawaso west voting demographic. 

Many idea the entertainer would have been outsmarted unequivocally by the occupant however the entertainer lost barely for certain couple of votes distinction. 

He at first considered going for a describe due to the closeness of the polling forms yet cancelled his choice en route. 

This made a ton of Ghanaians have a ton of regard for the youthful entertainer , government official and rancher. 

Before the overall decisions the entertainer did a ton of gifts particularly workstations to tertiary understudies and individuals thought he was doing it to material votes yet after loosing,he still proceeded with this nice thought and has refuted his investigates. 

The most recent news making adjusts via web-based media and other online stages on the entertainer is the new adventures by the entertainer in the rural area. 

The entertainer is known for owing a few hectares of land both in the Volta and northern piece of the country. 

He is into the raising of various domesticated animals. The entertainer has caused gigantic responses online as he posted an image of immense number of packs of ginger he has reaped from his homestead. 

As indicated by the entertainer, he has today gathered 3 tons of ginger from his homestead t. Ginger cultivating is presently perhaps the most beneficial endeavors on the planet and the entertainer appear to be at the skirt of becoming famous there. 

The entertainer posted this on his Facebook page and this post has since produced many of responses 

"Just collected 3 tons of new ginger this morning...I am a glad rancher!!! #idey4u"

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