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Take a look at this boy and Cow, haaaaha

This boy in, the cowboy world,would you not laugh,or you think it's not funny....

The ass just look like a pig's ass, and the cow running with seriously, this cow is funny.

Where is this boy's mama, he needs her rescue like a chicken from the crawls of the farmer. Those hones of a cow will throw this boy into far space into the milky way.

Where he will be found in the star wars, fighting stars upon stars, his enemies.

But like seriously where is, his papa, the boy doesn't know what's coming ! the papa does....., but he is out of coverage area.

Papa will be treating some injuries,Today!,certainly, with his happy sad face wife, happy that,the young man without knowledge, actually learnt something.

Or will the cow be running to his mother for help, because this boy is ready, the way, he ripe off his clothes, I guess!, mmmmm, will cause, a massive victory over this wild cow,muuuu.

I know this boy from somewhere, but where ,mmmmm, yeah ,yeah, Mexico. Only boys like this can be found in Mexico or do you have one of this boys around, they make us laugh and for short but a medicine from the tiredness or boredom or even depression or stress.

Do you damn think this boy is funny??????. Haaaa.

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