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Hot Video: ”I was Under the Influence of Anger on the “Second Sermon” Track- Black Sheriff.

Legendary musical sermonist- Black Sheriff has spoken on his mental condition as at the time of recording the “Second Sermon” track. Mohammed Sheriff, as he is officially called has generated a fantastic niche for his street name Black Sheriff. He is has proven that talent is not something he lacks. From his first banger- “Money” to his recently two sermons, there is no way one can dispute his credibility on the music game.  

Granting an interview to Delay, Black Sheriff explained that most of the things he talks about in his music are real. He is not faking anything. Just that occasionally, you will add art to some stories to make the music more magic. He added that the part in the “Second Sermon” track in which he talked about 12 guys going after one person to collect money was real.

“Yeah, I was under the influence of rage when I was doing that track”- Black Sheriff. “Although the person in question wasn’t living in a storey building as the music suggested and the boys who went after him wasn’t actually 12 in numbers, the event was real and the money was indeed collected for Jerome- shout out to Jerome”- Black Sheriff share told Delay.

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