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FATIMA-She looks Just Like Me

The award winning Fatima who emerged as the Most trending Female of the season at the just ended Date Rush Viewers Choice Awards is trending again on social media.

Fatima has a unique way of styling her hair and this is a part of her brand. This hairstyle has got a lot of people talking as a fan of her's by name yarademc on Instagram did the same thing. According to her, a lot of people started sending her messages because of hairstyle . This also got Fatima 's attention and she sent a message to "yarademc" that she should tell the fans She is her sister.

Below are some shots of Yarademc rocking Fatim' s Hair so well.

Fatima going on date rush wasn't a waste of time for her but it was a blessing in desguise as her life will change forever in the entertainment industry.

*Does she looks like Fatima of Date Rush?

*What makes fatima's hair style so unique that has got people's attention?

Kindly drop in your comments. Thanks for reading

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Date Rush Fatim' Fatima Yarademc


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