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DATE RUSH: The Moment A Single Mother Breaks The Heart of Two Guys.

On yesterday's episode on Date Rush, a lady left stage with heart broken as the guy she is crushing on turned off his rush. Although, there were two other guys that was crushing on her but what happens to those two guys? 

The lady, Lordina is 27 years and a single mother of 3 year old daughter from Kumasi (Ashanti Region). She came on stage to find Love and all the Ten (10) handsome men were ready waiting to see who wins her heart. 

After the first profile video, all the men kept their rush on. Meaning all of them are interested in her. Only 3 rushes were left on after the second profile video. Lordina's heart skipped a bit because she was not comfortable how 7 rushes turned off all of the sudden. She raise her hand up for attention. Giovanni watch her in the eye and said "what is the problem?"

"My crush rush is off!! if I can turn if on? - she said. 

"Yes you can." Giovani gave her the green light. 

Then she when and turned on Derek Rush. Unfortunately, he turned her down.

Yes Derek is the guy she wanted but he said there is no connection. She made U-turn to choose the available guys who still has their rush on (Theophilus and Antwi Yaw). 

Before she make her choice, she got one more question. "If I may presume you are both Ashanti’s? I don’t want to be tribalistic because I'm an Ewe, she added.

They both answered they are Ashantis but Theophilus was quick to add that, he is 50:50 (Ashanti and Ewe). Those replies did not change anything. She move on stage and turned off both rushes. She was heart broken so she went to her crush for a warm hug. 

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