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Have a look at Ghana's fast rising artist


Drill is presently a completely fledged worldwide sound, however it's the scene radiating from the roads of Kumasi, Ghana — known as Asakaa — which has really burst into flames on a worldwide scale. Yaw Tog is the scene's high school banner kid; his anthemic single 'SORE' exhibited the development's ability and became a web sensation simultaneously, dispatching his vocation up towards the stars.

Yaw Tog's presently offsetting distinction with full-time instruction. At the point when we talk on the telephone he's simply completed class. "It's sort of upsetting however it should be finished. I study geology, government, bookkeeping and financial aspects. I'll be finishing in September and afterward I'm finished with it! I can zero in on music, 100%."

He originally got the mic in 2018, still in his initial teenagers, and brimming with the venturesome self-conviction that accompanies youth. "I was as yet in middle school. I was going here, there, asking individuals for help. I've not loose since I begun music. I'd go to class and I wouldn't learn anything, my psyche was simply music, music, music! All that difficult work paid off, chimes began blasting."

There's a simple ease to his conveyance, which wires English with Twi and Pidgin. His easy float over creations is the consequence of his cycle in the stall, which couples organized composed refrains with spur of the moment, free streaming articulations. "I record things in English first, and afterward when I'm in the studio the Twi comes out normally. I don't need to consider it to an extreme."

Yaw Tog's presentation EP 'TIME' drops toward the month's end. It to a great extent sheds the coarseness of 'SORE' for Afro-licked, perky creations, exhibiting noteworthy imaginative reach on cuts like 'Gold Friend' and 'State of mind'. It's ideal for those warm-climate drink-ups, where an unending inventory of brews chill in ice-pails and everybody gets the vibe underneath a haze of flame broil smoke. "I'm a lot of an Asakaa kid, however I needed individuals to realize I can do each sort of music, from drill to hip-jump and afrobeats. I need to assemble associations with this one, with individuals from each type."

The differences in Yaw Tog's sound, between lick-off-your-head drill sonics and hotter, melodic tones are intelligent of his area. "It resembles our regular asset. Everything is genuine, there's no faking here. We got criminals. We got great young men. We got guardians and youngsters here. There's a lot of things going on. On the off chance that you become involved with the awful stuff, something will drive you towards the great. As far as I might be concerned, music is the acceptable."

It's telling that the scene's champion tracks 'SORE' and 'Akatafoc' are basically group cuts; Yaw Tog clarifies that Asakaa is based on fraternity. "It's exceptionally joined here. We're a posse, however it's nothing to do with savagery. We move together, we do everything together. Together we made this Asakaa chime fly off. Presently it's around the world."

The task includes a Stormzy-helped 'SORE' remix. This heavyweight co-sign from UK rap sovereignty is emblematic of both the Asakaa scene's effect, and his own clout. He's modest about the acknowledgment however. "I didn't envision I'd get somebody like Stormzy on the remix. He's a major one out there! What's astonishing is he went to my administration, as 'Yo, how about we complete this'. Goodness. I think God is truly working."

Expanding on the adoration he's getting from UK specialists, there are more London-Kumasi interface ups in the pipeline this year. More warmth is coming from me and Stormzy, Abracadabra. I'm wanting to contact OFB and complete things. Bounty is coming, trust me.

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