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The horror movie at Abesim: When murderers are always lunatics

Indeed, it’s a case that defy tears. Horrific! It’s makes questioning what humans are capable of. We may drink our heads off in stupor in attempt to carry off the images from our imagination.

The alcohol will certainly drain off from our system and we will come back to the shocking reality of how a 28-year old, surveyor, so he’s been described, has been murdering poor innocent souls. The shocker of all: chops the dead into pieces and store them in a refrigerator. The purpose?

Only time can unravel such cruelty of a mystery. For now, it remains a multi-million puzzle. Even as we struggle to crack the riddle, there is a conspiracy theory that the serial murderer, Richard Appiah, is mentally deranged; so we ought to deal with him from that perspective.

A rather nauseating proposition that is loaded with lots of questions: Who are telling Ghanaians that the murderer is a mental patient? The suspect’s family members? What evidence do we have that he is deformed mentally? 

Which hospital diagnosed him as a mental patient? What is the medical bill that prescribes his mental frailty? When was he released from the mental hospital? Why live such potential monster to hang around the community?

Who has been monitoring him? Did they take him to the mental home for periodic check-ups as the normal case maybe? So where from the earlier reports that the suspect is an architect, a surveyor, a footballer and sport commentator?

Does the family know the suspect has all such qualifications? Even lovers of horror movies are not likely to withstand the enactment of the “real horror at Abesim” in the Bono Region. All that we witness in the movies are staged; so at the back of our minds it’s not real.

Believe it or not, the Abesim horror is a real life story. But typical with Ghanaians, the family of the suspect are patronizing people to have pity on the “horror movie director” than facing the full music, hence the concocted lunatic tale bandied around.

Although, some of such stuff are so scary on the screen, we still can parry them off from a fictional stand-point. We may relish the horror in the movies, but certainly cannot stand it in real life situations.

Why? Because none can fathom, if anyone can kill his/her fellow human being, slice it into pieces and stuff them in a “refrigerating cold store”.  So that’s why stomachs begun to turn immediately the Abesim horror case became public.

Therefore, it’s about time we told those conjecturing that the murderer may be mental patient, to stop such early prognosis. It’s too early. But if it turns out to be the case, then the theorists should be considered the real killers.

This is because they made it possible for civil and decent society live with a potential monster of a murderer. Perhaps, in Richard Appiah’s stead, his family must be made to face the full rigours of the law or both.

If we are to rank murder cases in Ghana in recent times, the Abesim gory act may rank first in a classical order of twenty such cases. Somebody had their life stolen by a monster, and close associates are trying to rationalize it.

In a similar vein, the teenagers who murdered their colleague in Kasoa, had some Ghanaians indulging in a compassionate cry, begging for clemency on their behalf. Some even argued that it’s their first time, and so we should temper justice with mercy.

Later at the court, the young lads revealed how serial they are in human killing, to the extent that they spoke about how they once killed a pregnant woman, obviously, for ritual purposes.

We will realize as we go through the files that from babies to significant others have all been murdered in some bizarre circumstances and in cold blood. Some, few months old, their lives were stolen before they could even walk.

Yes, seeking justice for the murdered is the normal justice required. But has anyone bothered to go beyond seeking justice to why human murders have become a norm than an exception in most of our societies?

There had been Kasoa murders, Ashaiman murders, Accra murders and the others from the other parts of the country. As our security forces struggle for clues, our solution has always been the same:

To deal exclusively, with the one caught in the act, without finding out, who is indulging them and why such heinous act has virtually become fashionable. People kill and boast of it as if landing in space.   

Can anyone imagine teenagers killing their peer and a pregnant woman? For what? What could be the motivation? Money? If money, does the mere killing bring money? So can we figure out whether there is someone somewhere, seeking for human parts to perform rituals for what-ever purposes?

Ritual murder is no longer a sacred act, it’s a means to wealth, perpetrators claim. We shouldn’t play the ostrich because we all know that is the latest craze. This is the confirmation case study for the acting IGP and his able lieutenants.


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