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Twene Jonas Has Now Gotten a Colleague In China Who Also Show Videos As He Does In USA

Since last year, a USA based Ghanaian social media influencer and a move producer Twene Jonas has been showing videos from USA. In his videos he usually tell the leader in Ghana to fix the country, he also has a slogan called "Glass Nkoa", his videos have been causing massive reactions on social media.

A new video circulating on social media especially on twitter showing expensive cars owned by teachers in China. In the video he was calling the leaders in Ghana to try and also increase the salaries of teacher and other government worker so that they can also buy expensive cars. But for him, he started showing cars owned by teacher while Twene own is "Glass Nkoa"

After the video was out on social media, many Ghanaian have shown much interest in the video, others have started saying that we have gotten second Twene Jonas in China. But the difference is that Twene Jonas has shown his face and his name but this man from China hasn't show his name and his face. Follow me for more new articles.

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