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Kantamanto Boy Displays Pure Creativity And Talent That Marvels (Video)

Ghana is blessed with different talents, we are just unlucky to have unfortunate people who will put systems in place to make use of these talents to develop the nation. A young boy who trade at Kantamanto a suburb of Accra has driven the country across it borders crazy with his pure creativity and talent.

The boy who is in his teens, a hustler at the Kantamanto market was spotted branding tie and dye t-shirt with wonderful primitive techniques, as his designs have many different patterns which do not also wash away, the dye is permanent if you wash the color remains intact, his arts is real, the colors are bright, perfect design durability is fantastic. I see the joy in his eyes when he was told nice work done. This video will marvel you after watching to the end with his beautiful and innovative t-shirt.

Interestingly his hand work was video and shared on the internet by Ghana The Black Star of Africa and in less the 3 days the video has broken unimaginable boundaries reaching 42 million people (more than the population of Ghana), viewed by 18.2 million people, shared by 90,000 people and liked by 542,000 people, this clearly tells how his creativity and talent has moved our great country to the rest of the world.

Government should be looking for such people to support, seems what he needs now is some capital and a conductive environment to showcase his God given creativity. I'm optimistic that if a helping hand is offered to him, whereby he gets the necessary tools, he would absolutely amaze many by his ideas.

Many people may considered this as old fashioned because it's been around so many generations but the truth is that, tie and dye or batik is part of mankind and good to know that Africans are starting to embrace what Africans thousands of years ago brought to the western world and stand to reduce the importation of foreign clothes while contributing to the textile industry in the country.

I think we have catch one of the guys who paint trousers black and sell to us at Kejetia and Circle, hahahaha...

Seriously I'm not doubting his talent, this is awesome, great talents in Africa and needs to be marketed on an international scale. Congratulation young boy may God open doors for you to have sponsor to move you to the next level that will motivate so as to also encourage other young guys on the street. Let's patronize and support our local Tradition.

Watch the video here.

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Ghana Kantamanto Kantamanto Boy Pure Creativity


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