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SAD: 3 Movie Actors That Were Allegedly Shot Dead

The photo above shows Aisha Balogun and her killers.

This life is so unpredictable and that's the more reason why we need to be prayerful in life. If you're prayerful and strong in the spirit, there are certain harm and destruction that will not come close to you.

Our dear celebrities tend to be in trouble because they're people who think that they have it all. By thinking that they have it all, some people lay in ambush just to bring them down or even kill them.

This points down to the fact that we need to always remember them in our prayers. Sometimes when I see some people trolling celebrities, I begin to wonder what exactly is their problem. Don't ever troll when you aren't sure or well informed about what the person in question is passing through.

In this article, we'll be looking at the painful story of some Nollywood Actors that were allegedly shot dead. Read carefully to the end:

1. Flavian Okojie

Mr. Flavian's death was reported sometime ago, that he was murdered through a gunshot. Asantewaa learnt that some unknown gunmen shot him 3 weeks to his wedding.

2. Clem Onyeka

The well talented Actor's life was cut short by a stray bullet. He left his house just like everyone, but it turned out to be that there was a gunshot exchange between armed robbers and the police. One of the bullets hit Clem Onyeka and he was reported to have died as a result of that.

3. Aisha Ali-Balogun

The popular TV host and Actress, Aisha Balogun, died as a result of a gunshot from armed robbers. Asantewaa learnt that the sad incident occurred during a traffic robbery. So sad!

My dear readers, do you know how lucky you are? Infact, I want to tell you that you're blessed. The fact that you're alive doesn't mean you're more special than them, instead it is the Grace of God that is covering you.

There are times when God told you to leave a particular location because it would have been risky and dangerous for you to stay. Appreciate God today by saying something nice to him in the comments section.

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May their souls rest in peace.

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