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Video: Dumsor Song Out From The Studios Of Joy 99.7 FM

Whatever happens under earth whether good or bad can not vanish without criticisms. I use say people normally get themselves into trouble base on steps and actions taken, we are in this country and it looks as if the public is gradually loosing trust in our journalists all because some are refusing to be truthful to their listeners. The issue of Mr. 'A' can easily be discuss without precautions but Mr 'B' case is seen as delicate and must be handled with safety precautions.

I'm not surprise some journalists have been labeled as "stomach journalists" and don’t have any genuine mind for the development of mother Ghana.

Once upon a time in the studios of Joy 99.7 FM, four respect Media Personalities added their voices for the betterment of Ghana when the country was experiencing power outages under the leadership of former President John Mahama leading him to have suffered at the hands of all journalists across the country which eventually made him the intellectuals property of Dumsor.

They compost a beautiful song that create the awareness of the public about how Dumsor was affecting the citizens, sincerely it was a very good move to keep goverment on her toes.

My problem here is , same journalists are alive and kicking, while we are facing similar situation that led them to have come out with the song, what prevented them to come out like they did in the past, for the public to know they are helping our mother Ghana and not being bias.

If this happens you open doors for someone to call you 'food journalist', meanwhile journalists are the 4th institution in this town to hold goverment to task but it's seems the senior ones we look unto are gradually sacrificing their dignity to politicians all because if they dare open their mouths the next hour they are loosing their job.

 Journalists should join hands together hold goverment to task for the seek of mother Ghana and devoid being hypocritical. 

If you see the downfall of someone today, don't laugh too much, it might be you tomorrow. We are experiencing dumsor today, it tells you that the cain used to beat mahama, the same cain is beating Nana Addo.

Watch the video here.

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