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Actors By Chance: Celebrities Who Mistakenly Become Actors.

Many a time, actors in interviews try to inspire their fans about how they entered into the acting field. Others, tell fanciful stories about how they struggled to become actors. However others also entered into acting by chance. Few actors in several interviews have boldly told their fans, the events that led to their acting careers. Also, few actors were given roles to play in certain movies because the one to play the role was absent. Sometime producers or directors in movies, are unable to wait for late actors to appear on set, before a scene is filmed. Moreover, these actors, because they were prepared for the role, were able to play it nicely, and hence were given subsequent roles to play which transformed the lives of these actors to become the celebrities we know today. The following actors were normal people who played the roles of absent actors to become stars. 

The first actor who played a role meant for an absent actor is Nana Ama McBrown. 

Nana Ama McBrown  born Felicity Ama Agyemang is an actor and a host on UTV. She is one of the sensational actors who is very much revered. She has starred in many movies and also played many roles with prominent and talented actors and actresses in both kumawood and Ghallywood. Empress, as she is sometimes called, entered into the acting scene by chance. She was a costumer for Miracle Films. According to her, she was one day, asked to play the role of a driver. The actor for the role unfortunately did not show up on set. Since she knew how to drive. She played the role perfectly well. This was to the surprise of the director, Samuel Nyamekye, hence, she was given her first official movie titled “The Day” which was launched in 2001. She played the role so well and later got another role in the tv series “Tentacles”. Her name is now a household name. 

The next person is Kalybos 

Kalybos is also one of the few actors who stumbled into acting. Kalybos whose birth name is Richard Kwaku Asante is a comedian and an actor. He is well known for his role in the popular video series “Boys Kasa”. According to Kalybos, he was suppose to be in charge of lighting on set of the “Boys Kasa”Video Series. But unfortunately, the main character did not show up for the film. This prompted the directed who happened to be ‘Kofi Asamoah’ to allow Kalybos, to play the role of the main character with his counterpart, Ahuofe Patri. Both actors were in school at the time of the filming. Little did they know it was going to become one of the ever watched video series. Because he was committed and dedicated, he has featured in many movies afterwards with many prominent actors and won many awards as well. 

The last one is Adjetey Anang 

Adjetey Annan is also one of the actors who stumbled into acting and has now become a career. Adjetey Anang is a an actor and a lecturer, who has cemented his name in the annals of the Ghanaian movie industry. He has starred in many movies and also acted with many prominent actors. He shot to fame after starring in the popular tv series called, “things we do for love”. His name was pusher in the tv series. 

According to him, his first professional role was given to him to play, because the main actor did not show up on set. The movie title according to him was “not without a fight”. This movie had the likes of Fred Amugi, David Dontoh and many veteran actors. According to him, he played the role very well, and it landed him another role subsequently. It was because of his amazing acting skills that landed him a role in the tv series “things we do for love”. He later enrolled in the University of Ghanaian to study Fine Art. He has stayed in the movie industry for a long time and is now lecturing as a part time at lecturer at NAFTI. 

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