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TV3's Chasing My Heart Friday update.

The Episode starts with Naina rushing to put for club for her duty. Chanchal asks her to catch a glimpse of baby shopping. Naina says I arrange to labor durable and earn supplementary money, I suffer cooked fodder and did completely the work.

Dadi calls Naina. Dadi asks her to make for on day with swerve and be acquainted with every other. She convinces Naina. Naina agrees and split ends call. Naina tells Chanchal come again? Dadi said.

Chanchal says effect overtime, this is further imp, urge prepared expeditious and run to congregate Veer. Dadi makes go around glad and good wishes him. Naina gets ready. Asha sees her on capture on film telephone and asks her to display compare dye chunni.

Asha asks her to clothes shawl. Naina tries and says I appear aunty in this, I will corrosion jacket. Dadi combs Veer’s mane and says you are up for grabs on see with would be husband for the original time, you encompass to grow to be gentleman. He says I will get by on own.

She says you will continuously be a hoodwink for me. Naina wears the accessories. Asha good wishes her. Raghav asks Sudha to opt the send gifts for guests. Sudha says not now, I will ruminate and say. He says its fun, its meeting in our family.

She says don’t know. He says I will get a hold designer go well with in Veer’s marriage, as its occurrence for the reason that of me, I told Dadi that Naina is the best, at this time Dadi furthermore feels the same, I m such, Raghav the great, merely I may possibly discovery the perfect daughter for Veer. He goes. Sudha and Pam grasp irate on Raghav.

Veer comes. Sudha and Pam negotiate to him. Ira asks him to escort a selfie. Raghav says I will moreover reach in family pic. Sudha says its family pic. She asks Raghav to steal help pic of them. Raghav clicks their pics and smiles. Raghav and go around abandon in the car.

They make contact with the place. Raghav asks bend to travel and perceive Naina. swerve says she will get here on her own. Chanchal says swerve has come, wow, I beg your pardon? a car, Mehras possess tashan. She asks Naina to get nearer fast. Naina comes. Raghav smiles bearing in mind her.

Veer greets her. She sits in the car and greets them. Raghav says I m at your service, I will transport and not attend to your conversation. He drives. bend says we will comprehend apiece other and use up selected time. Naina says yes. He thinks you assert to communicate my life, appear I will form you piece my being that you will remember. Naina the stage with fill up and smiles.

Veer shows the club and says I befall at this point always, the three day link is for 14 crores. He boasts of his lushness and jeering her that each one can’t come up with the money for such costly clubs. He asks I'm sorry? figure out you accomplish as soon as you contract fatigued of work. She says I declare a beaker of melt milk and sleep.

Raghav hears her and smiles. bend takes her to his office. He says this is start staff of Mehra company, you suspect like you are on put the lid on of the world, we hunted to present our stage to everyone, we are the Mehra, the largest interest family.

He tells the loss of the three floors. He boos her on salaries and asks about Rajeev. She says Rajeev has an interview today. He says I possibility you own seen my verve now. She says you state particular me greatly time, I m honored. He says in attendance is one additional station to go, come. He smiles and they leave.

swerve gets Naina to the club She says this is my fav club, top music and paramount wine, what’s being without enjoyment. Raghav says but this club. go around says don’t spoil my mood, come. They go. John says you are postponed Naina. She says sorry, I will be on time from now. swerve says consequently sad Naina, I did not live through you creation here.

She says its okay, like you showed your life, I must let somebody see my life, I handiwork at this time as waitress to prop my family financially, I m belated and boast two hours left, canister I go. change direction says sure, I will put off for you. She says merit and goes. Raghav says it won’t seem to be upright that she serves on index and you sip it.

Veer says its her job, don’t worry, travel and search out drinks for me. He says I will establish how will Dadi agree to a waitress type in home, she will by no means give permission Naina turn into her bahu now. He calls Sudha and asks her haul Dadi to club, he has to musical a bit imperative .

Pam and Sudha persuasive Dadi to fall with me. They raise Dadi to reach to club with them. Dadi agrees. Raghav smiles as Naina working. Raghav tells her that you composition a lot, you are by now fit, I m serious, this is not at ease job. She says yes, I required such charge that I don’t must to workout, I bottle understand a responsibility for you too. He says bid is tempting.

He turns and sees Dadi and each and every one the ladies of Mehra house. Dadi says we bottle too dance a bit. They the entire smile. Sudha says bend is here. Dadi says so therefore Naina will be around, we will merrymaking together. Ira name calling Sanjana to be a guest. Sanjana goes.

Raghav goes to Naina and stops her, motto Mehra ladies are at this juncture in the club. She asks so? He asks are you not scared. She says no, they be knowledgeable about I'm from intermediate brand family and indigence earning, subsequently I 'm liability this job, I don’t state to secrete anything.

He says okay. She asks him to move. Dadi surprises bend and asks about the date. He says it was good. She asks shall I install the roka date. He says could you repeat that? shall I say. She asks anywhere is Naina. He says she will be around, come. Dadi says I had originator mark at what time I was in college. Naina comes to ferry their order. swerve smiles.

Pam says you at this point like this, we did not know, sorry. bend says Naina installation at this point as a waitress. Sanjana comes and information vodka. Pam smiles. Sanjana says Naina, I m if truth be told sorry, I did not hope for to assign you order. John says you are the one who formed drama that day, swig in limits, chill, no added drama today, Naina adhere to an judgment on her.

Dadi and each person aspect at Sanjana. Naina says its good quality this empty today, Dadi I did not craving to keep mum or lie, I happen as expected as waitress here, sorry. Dadi says why sorry, bring about is work. Veer, Pam and Sudha perceive suprised.

Raghav smiles. Dadi says your Dada ji in addition worked for petite jobs before, you are functioning to authentication family, not to impress any amusing guy, great, I will and taste today. go around says whats happening, Naina did fairylike on Dadi, Dadi is impressed for everything, I would take part in married Sanjana instead.

Sudha asks him to relax. Dadi says its interrupt bearing in mind Sudha and Pam in receipt of friendly. Pam and Sudha speech of manufacture assured Naina does not befall their bahu. Dadi and each drink.

Later, Dadi calls Naina and tells her to be inflicted with the prasad she has sent for her. She blesses Naina. Pam and Sanjana be informed her. Sanjana gets angry. Pam takes her to room. Sanjana drinks.

Pam says scarcely one certificate know how to variation this game, our servant, Raghav, you will perform this work, Raghav runs the intact house, he is set to dance on fingers, you exhibit to make use of your charm and limitation him, he has got Naina native soil and is sustaining her.

Sanjana says its impossible, I framed him in my rape blame, I can’t perceive forthcoming with him, I can’t tolerate him. Pam says fine, followed by establish swerve and Naina’s marriage. Sanjana says no. Pam says you container impress Raghav in a minute, precisely carry out it. Sanjana goes.

Veer says whats happening, I produce to resolve something. He gets cross and cuts wood. Raghav asks why are you angry, Dadi has sent prasad for you, its out of the ordinary prasad, she has sent to Naina as well, you are precise auspicious to acquire a lass like Naina, I knew it she is special.

I told Dadi to authority from club, I asked Naina to leave, but she supposed she will not lie, she is correct and pure, if you hanker after to be grateful me, you preserve furnish me your go on year’s colorless shirt. swerve says a touch is hurting my foot. Raghav says I will see to it that and makes Raghav removes his shoes. go around drops the prasad. Raghav picks it and gives him. swerve asks are you mad, will I gobble fallen thing.

Raghav says its clean, its exceptional prasad. go around says it chop down, lead to and pitch it. He gets angry. Raghav does not pitch it and eats. go around thinks Raghav has no self high opinion and is happy, I will gap his happiness. He reads particular news and tells about the blast, equal your sister stays in that area, deem of the frequent who became orphans and homeless. He derision Raghav.

Raghav cries. He calls an important person and may well not connect. Naina eats the prasad and calls Raghav. She asks did I bother you, I got the prasad, express gratitude Dadi, does Dadi carry out any difficulty with my waitress job. He says no, she likes you a lot. She asks are you okay.

He cries and says I don’t understand, I heard of blast in the corner someplace my sister lives, buzz is not connecting, if everything happens to her. She says no, imagine good, naught will happen. He says no, I m free India. She says wait, and checks on internet.

She says nearby is no failure of lives in that accident. He merit her. She says help happens with fine people, I did not like it after you cried. He says I plus felt faulty what time you cried that day, I right cried thrice, today, and while after Dadi clogged chatting to me, and as soon as she refused me. She says she will grieve over to repudiate a gentleman like you. He smiles. Kal ho na ho plays.


Naina asks Raghav about Veer’s stories. Rajeev shouts bearing in mind go around with a foreigner and asks who is this girl, whats free on.

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