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Nana Tea: Here Is What This Ghanaian Man Did For A Social Media User That Got People Talking[Photos]

James Annor Tetteh, a loveable Ghanaian gentleman Popularly known as Nänä Teä, has been recognised As a social media user that influence multi blogging Site positively.

His help towards the needy have gained him a lot of Accolades, compliments and respect.

He always render helps at any point and because of That, he has been trending online and also making Headlines across all social media pages and groups.

It didn't get to stop there as he has render another Heartwarming help to a needy lady that run up to him For his assistance.

Many has praised him for setting up an indomie joint To a broke lady.

Taking to his Facebook account, Nänä Teä wrote Saying, In his words;

“Madam maud contacted me through messenger Some few months ago about a little issue which we Solved but a similar thing came up again and i asked Her saying, which business can she be able to do? She told me that she want to go for indomie business Because she is always free.

With the help of a friend, we bought her some few Things and she will start the indomie business Tomorrow.

Lets empower each other. if you know how to fish, Kindly show your friends how to catch fish also, so That when you are not around, they won't be Stranded."

Many have hailed him for this little help as they pour Blessings and sweet words upon him.

How will you rate Nänä Teä's generosity and Kindness?

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