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Unpopular opinion: Fatima failed to win best couple despite staging romantic save the date photos.

Fatima and her handsome date Bismark failed to win the award for best couple despite their recent staged save the date photos. Fatima of date rush is one of the most loved female contestestants of date rush. It took her longer than usual to get a date on the show after many disappointments.

Her way of dressing and lifestyle was one of the reasons why it took her so long to finally find a date. However she eventually found a date in Bismark who appeared to be her destiny changer.

However after a careful look, it seems all these optics of taking romantic safe the date photos were all attempts to win the award of best couple at the viewers choice awards and nothing else.

How can she claim to be so much in love with Bismark but then nothing really shows aside the staged pictures they share to paint the picture of a loved up couple. No wonder they didn't win the best couple award.

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