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Is ‘Date Rush’ Real? Or Scripted.

There is no denying the fact that when it comes to reality shows and talent shows, no media outfit in the country comes close to TV3 Network, now managed by Media General.

Over the years, this channel has been able to hold Ghanaians spellbound with very entertaining reality shows with massive following.

When the television network rolled out ‘Mentor 1’ somewhere in 2005, we can vouch that they never anticipated the kind of patronage it enjoyed, unprecedented. Ghanaians followed it religiously throughout the week, from rehearsals of the contestants, their daily activities at the ‘Mentor’ house all through to the exciting Sunday night performances and heartbreaking evictions.

There were cases where people even collapsed as a result of the eviction of their favorite contestants. That was how popular and successful the show was. Passionate followers and huge patronage.

It was not a nine day wonder as other programs were rolled out. Talented Kids, Ghana’s Most Beautiful, Ghana’s Strongest, and the list continues. Almost all these programs aired live which makes or made them even more enjoyable and realistic.

Then there is ‘Date Rush’. Cast in the shape of ‘Looking for Love’, the program seeks to pair up young men and women who want a romantic relationship, or so it seems.

Patronage has not been bad, it has been spiced with very humorous encounters, controversial characters and of course charismatic host supported by a smart Dj.

The first edition was greatly enjoyed, but then when it came out that some of the contestants were already living life after the show, it became obvious the show was not a live one as many earlier on thought. That was not really much of a problem.

The exaggerated personality traits of some of the ‘candidates’ coupled with the high rate of date failures trigger a lot of questions. There have been contestants who were just not serious on the show. And then there are those who obviously come for the fame, to use it as a leverage to pursue whichever ambition they want to aspire to, but definitely not love.

It has been one too many cases, which prompts one to ask if unlike the many other TV3 reality shows, Date Rush is truly real, or just a platform designed to promote people and making it look like they are there to pursue love.

We are yet to see a very solid relationship which has emerged from the show.

What do you think?

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