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Date rush update. How Ray Cupid gets famous with date rush.

TV3’s Date Rush series is a television program that’s allows people to find love as their motto goes “Everyone deserves love”. This program by TV3 have dominated and been on a trend every Sunday on our social media platforms. Inviting very beautiful ladies and gentlemen to mount a stage and look for love was such an interesting idea and it seem to be the people’s choice.

However Date rush is giving opportunities to their models who mount up their stages to be famous. Their major appearances on the program have made their viewers go in search of their profiles on all other social media handles. The ladies on the show however tend to showcase their abilities on the show to the enticement of their viewers and increase trend. There have been series of pictures proving how many people who mounted on the show and have amazing increases in their followers and have become famous.

Ray Cupid who mounted the stage of the show recently have been boosted in his social media handles with over 52.2k followers even on Instagram. His fantastic display on the show drew a lot of eyes on him later that night and there were also series of complains about him after winning his date to be flirting with other ladies on the show.

It is certain that now Ray is in a very encouraging relationship with Cecilia and their journey to actually fall in love is not far from becoming a reality.

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