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Let's Invite Jenifer's Friend To Date Rush — Fan Suggests

Currently, the top trending date rush program has attracted numerous followers from almost every social media platform.

It's safe to say it is one of the most watched variety shows telecasted on television at the moment.

In the recent episode of the show, viewers were introduced to a very beautiful lady, who happens to be the 'hype' woman of one of the female contestants who appeared on the show.

She was actually a friend of Jenifer. The lady did not only catch the attention of contestants who came to compete for a date. She also dazzled netizens with his charming personality.

A few hours after the program, social media users started commenting on one of her pictures.

In a recent twitter post sighted by HOTENT, we chanced on an amazing proposal made by one social media account holder.

According to the post, this passionate fan suggested she is invited to participate in one of the contests, as time goes on.

Looking at the physical beauty of the lady, I guess she will make the program very exciting.

At the moment, we have no idea if she has seen the caption or not. However, we know she will be informed if the news keeps trending.

The multimillion-dollar question here is, do you think she will consider the suggestion after seeing the post?

Your opinions are welcome.

Content created and supplied by: HOTENT (via Opera News )



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