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Striking Images that Prove the Beauty of Tracy - Despite's In-Law.

Marriage is beautiful especially when done by rich folks. The wedding of Osei Kwame Despite's son Kennedy and his wife Tracy became a household name and extremely memorable.

Through marriage, Tracy becomes a relative of the rich Osei's family and eventually famous. This pushes Tracy to the public light and causes massive attention on her side. Truth is, she's also very industrious. Just like the family she's found herself into.

As a fashion designer, she took advantage of the most popular merged name KENCY - Kennedy and Tracy to brand her fashion house. Today, KENCY Fashion is no joke. She sews all the outfit of Osei Kwame Despite and the entire family. The husband also models in her outfit KENCY FASHION.

Beauty with brains, one would say. But having exposed her mental abilities to you, allow me to also show you her physical beauty. They say beauty lies in the hands of the beholder but I doubt there will be a debate on her beauty.

Cute and strong skin tone, she smiles on her fair small face with pointing nose. Even after having twins, she maintains a flat tummy and exposes the babies to extreme pretty face when breastfeeding them.

Check her out;

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