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Read: See How The Turn Merlin Into An Old Man

This is a video of Merlin in the land of Camelot that everybody love so much but the end did not end well, people are still waiting for the rest of the season but the film have end in season five.

The USA and some countries have good quality of movies directors in the world, this is to show you how magician are in the movie industry, they do everything in the movies just to make fans happy and forget their sorrow.

Just take a good look at Merlin in the picture you will understand what am saying, to just act one movie will take them six month to make sure the put everything organise in the movie.

Merlin is one of the favourite movie everybody like so much, the Merlin movie is a story from ancient kingdoms of England when wizard are using their power to do many things and even control dragon at that time.

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