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Profile Of Dr UN: Real name, age, school and other facts about him

A self-acclaimed Global Ambassador for the United Nations (UN), Kwame Fordjour, is trending on social media for the wrong reasons.

This follows information that his award scheme, Global Blueprint Excellence Awards, is not credible. Kwame Fordjour, who holds himself as PhD holder (doctor), held what he called the 7th Global Leadership Service to Humanity Awards on Friday, August 28, 2020.

The awardees were drawn from various spheres of life with entertainers, politicians, business people, among others on the list. At the awards, 'Dr' Fordjour gave out plaques which had “UN Kofi Annan Excellence Awards” inscribed on them in a bid to draw a link between the scheme, the UN, and the late Kofi Annan.

But days later, it has turned out that the organiser of the awards is a shady character who has no connections with the United Nations or Kofi Annan. This has led to a buzz on social media with people wondering who this, Kwadow Fordjour guy is.

A few facts about Fordjour as shared by people who know him including one childhood friends.

1. Real name:

Being a con artist, Kwame Fordjour goes by many different names. Apart from the being known as Kwame Owusu Fordjour, he also answers to Wayne Winston. But from what we gather, he is real name is Emmanuel and those who know him personally call him Emma. Back in the day, he went by the nickname Wyclef.

2. Hometown:

Fordjour childhood friends say he is from Kumasi and the stayed in the Santasi area with him.

3. Age:

The age of Fordjour is not exactly known but he should be anywhere between 37-40 considering that he completed secondary school in 2001.

4. School/Education:

Fordjour's friends reveal that he attended the KNUST SHS in Kumasi where he completed in 2001.

5. How his troubles started:

While Fordjour is said to have been avery good student in SHS, he did not pass his SSSCE very well. He is said to have got aggregate 24 as a science student making it difficult for him to get tertiary education.

6. Wanted BNI:

The KNUST admissions con put him on the wanted list of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) leading him to vanish from Kumasi for so many years

7. Deportation from UK:

Fordjour's friends indicate that after he left Kumasi, not much was heard from until he was tried to travel to the United Kingdom but got deported at the Heathrow Airport.

8. Pastor's son:

Fordjour is said to be the son of pastor who is a soft-spoken person.

9. Doctor or not:

Fordjour has been holding himself as a PhD holder and his profile on the website for the awards scheme indicates he attended Harvard Univeristy in America. But according to those who first exposed him, their checks with Harvard show no records of him in the school.

10. He is a rapper:

On a lighter note, Fordjour is also a rapper who has released songs one of which is titled Freedom. Meanwhile, the man at the centre of the UN Kofi Annan awards saga, has broken his silence. Fordjour has given a spirited defence of the scheme. According to him, the scheme is governed by rules and not fake as being portrayed in the media He also disclosed that the following the awards and revelations, he has received threats on his life

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