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Kumerica is still alive despite the unwanted critics

It has been exactly a year ago since ,A popular music producer and entertainment critic also the CEO of drum line studios ,bad mouth the kumerica movement , As he stated on his social media

I quote ” Is dead on arrival because it was never thought through ,we go could have done it better by projecting us and not confusing ourselves

Confuse boys "

I can say that kumerica is doing great and marvelous well,we have seen the likes of YAW TOG and the others

Kumerica has gotten a lot of attention both local and foreign

Kumerica is still alive !!!!!!!! Despite the bad mouthing ,bad energy and hatred.The gate keepers in the industry can do better and I know some are really doing extra ordinary work to make the music industry a great place for everyone ,for which I can boldly mention the likes of Andy Dosty ,Merqury Quaye and Doctor pounds

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