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The Unbelievable Reason Why Queen Elizabeth II Has Never Visited Husband's Birthplace For 67 Years

Today, Queen Elizabeth II is one of the oldest leaders in the world and one of the oldest monarchs in world history.

The English Queen Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been in power for nearly 70 years and, according to reports, visited 116 countries over 67 years.

However, you are shocked to realise that Greece is not one of the countries that the queen visited in her reign. You didn't know that Greece was Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh's birthplace to her husband.

So why did the queen never visit her husband's place of birth for almost 70 years, but it's something she can do if she wants to.

Prince Phillip is reported to hate his place of birth, because of the past treatment of his family. The only visit by the queen was in 1950 when King Paul's husband's cousin invited her and she was by then only a princess, and since she became England's queen, she has never done it again.

Surprisingly, this is one of the most shocking things, and it's even very difficult for Royal Historians to figure out how the Queen never saw the need to visit the birthplace of her husband.

Do you think this is enough reason to stay away from her husband's homeland? Let's hear your candid opinion

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