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JUST IN : Reverend Obofour sadly loses junior pastor

Ghanaian pastor reverend Obofour also known as Prophet Asanteman Bofour, is the founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) worldwide and CEO of Sweet TV as well as kiss Tv.

Reverend Obofour gained popularity somewhere in 2018 and is also is one of the richest pastors in Ghana.

People have tagged this man of God with several accussations but through it all, the man seems to be pushing his way through and keeping up with his usual duties.

He recently also took to his television station a celebration with his wife on how he and his wife had won a court case because some Ghanaians were giving him a tough time.

In fact, the man seems to be having a hard time from some Ghanaians who do not have parallel ideas or beliefs with what the man has.

Rev. Obofour is known to be an arch-rival to Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim. The two have claimed the 1st or the best prophest etc when it comes to christendom in ghana.

And this battle for dominace and supremacy have always worried Ghanaians.

Recently, it was discovered that reverend Obofour lost his junior pastor "Kelvin" in a bummer. This lead to the joining of forces of this young pastor with Rev. Obofour's arch-rival Obinim.

People have condemned this act of the pastor and claim that he has not been loyal and faithful to Rev. Obofour. His arch-rival, Bishop Daniel Obinim seems to be getting informations from the camp of Rev. Obofour from this pastor and this has grown his level of confidence in the beef between these two pastors.

From accusations, the reverend minister feels threatened by this move and this discomfort puts him at a very negative position or side with his rival.

Ghanaians are hoping that these two arch-rivals will come together one day and promote the word of God together because a beef between men of God is one every one frowns upon.

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