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Meet Kanya, The Pretty Model Without Legs, Abandoned By Her Parents But Has Won So Many Medals

Kanya was born in Pak Chong, Thailand without legs. She was abandoned on the front steps of a Buddhist temple when she was only one week old. The monks at the temple took care of her for one year until she was transferred to a Bangkok hospital. The plan was to find her a family, and more importantly a loving home. For a few years she lived with an older loving couple that she loved to call her grandparents. It was at the age of 5 that she was finally united with her devoted adoptive parents and destiny brought her to Portland, Oregon.

An aspiring model born without legs is earning more than $1,000 a day flaunting her toned body and she has won so many medals, mostly gold, at paralympic events.

When I booked my first modeling gig in high school, I felt like I was changing beauty standards in a way. But it’s not just about changing beauty standards. I’m in my own element, in my own skin—and that’s how I live my everyday life. I felt really happy that I get to show people you can be beautiful in your own skin. 

If you’re positive and have confidence in yourself, you’re going to attract confidence and positivity. Being beautiful is how you show people who you are as a person, rather than your looks or physical appearances. Being beautiful is about being your inner self.

I keep saying that everybody is different. I don’t have legs but I still have my arms and I still use my bottom or skateboard to get around.

My arms are pretty strong. I still use my chair, for instance to go shopping. My lifestyle has created who I am today. And all the nurses, my adopted family, the friends around me, and people who I’ve met or who are just like me and understand me as well as the foundation have encouraged and helped me too.

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