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The counselor didn't do that

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Hope we all know Naomi Gold. She is the girl who was fin-gered by counselor lutterodt Live on utv premises to demonstrate how to make a girl s3xually aroused. This video went viral and many were talking about how they felt about that.

Just in Naomi Gold who happens to be the girl in the video had come out to explain what exactly went on at the studio.

She said it was just a demonstration but not what Ghanaians think. She disclosed that she a model and a nvdist but the counselor never did that to her.

She came out to defend the case in video shot by herself in a car explaining what exactly happened.

See pictures of herthere you have it.

This lady is beautiful indeed and I think she fits being a model but you may be thinking something else so let me know your thoughts in the comments section and don't forget to follow up with me for more interesting articles. Thank you

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