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Mother And Daughter Relationship: Mother And Her Daughter Dress Up As Disney Characters

Mother daughter relationship is one of the most enviable relationships in the word. Regardless if the extend of any relationship, it will still not be at par with this kind of relationship. Daughters need an adult who will be an example to those who are a figure of prestige and respect. They need someone to guide, protect, and support them so that they can show the emotional stability and mental health that they so desperately need that brings order to their lives. And their mother are around to do just that for them.

Discover the unusual shots of this mother photographer and her model daughter for a day, having fun dressing up as Disney characters. The result is stunning. Camillia Courts is a professional photographer who enjoys dressing up her daughter as much as she does herself. By creating striking reality costumes, and by staging herself by her side, she makes the dream of Layla, her 7 year old daughter, passionate about the Disney universe, come true . The photos are incredibly beautiful and surprisingly mature for her age. The Disney Princesses they would be reincarnated in girl.

1. Snow White

Literally transformed, mother and daughter have fun imitating the fateful scene from the Disney classic where Snow White fatally crunches into the poisoned apple. We hope that the forbidden fruit will not be spoiled.

2.The Little Mermaid

An unrecognizable mother as a mean, or rather nice Ursula, who seems however to watch over her daughter Ariel. The metamorphosis is total.

3. Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent reproduced to perfection, bewitching a very young Princess Aurora. Then again, the evil queen does not look so evil.

4. 101 Dalmatians

Cruella has never looked so good! Would Layla have invented a new Disney character for her part?

5. Rapunzel

Perfect Disney cartoon costumes embellished with platinum blonde extensions and voila!

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Camillia Courts Disney


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