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The Fallen Star's Parents' Nationality:

Chadwick Boseman was born to working-class parents: Leroy Boseman(father) and Carolyn Boseman (mother).

While Leroy worked in the textile factory and later became the owner of an upholstery business, Carolyn was a nurse. They both owned African American heritage and held American nationality.

Chadwick Boseman, a native of South Carolina, took a DNA test after wanting to know about his ancestry. After the test, the movie star came to know that he was of West African decent. Furthermore, he learnt his parents and their ancestors hailed from the Yoruba people of Nigeria, the Mende and Limba people of Sierra Leone, and the Jola people from Guinea-Bissau.

According to Chadwick, his parents were very protective of him. He said there was a time when his dad stopped him filming a scene. In his own words, "My dad, when we were shooting 42. There was a scene we were doing, we were stealing home and i had to jump over the catcher and slide. And we did it like 15 times. He's sitting by the director fuming. He's like, 'You can't do that no more, you can't do that , you're gonna be hurting in your body.' He said it to me and the director. Bryan Helgeland, he comes over and says, ''i think we're done. Your dad said you can't do it anymlore.''

Chadwick admired his father's work ethic. In 2020, he told The New York Times--"I saw him work a lot of third shifts, a lot of night shifts. Whenever i work particularly hard , I think of him.''

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