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3 Women with the Largest Breasts in the World

Mostly women dream of a big breast. After listening to the myths about the miraculous properties of cabbage, a beauty tormented by eating it, hoping to get hold of an impressive form, but all was in vain, and who are by nature destined to have big Breasts, they got it, and the rest of the girls had to be content with what you have.

Though many people are chasing a large breast size, there are a lot of women happy to switch with sufferers, our volumes, because of the large Breasts one problem: the constant nagging back pain, problems with the choice of clothing and gazes of men.

Annie Hawkins-Turner

The world lady is known under the name Norma Particles. It has the official status of the record-holder of the Guinness Book of records. The norm is the owner of the largest natural Breasts in the world, as a consequence of the large size of the bra.

Hiafen Ting

For the Chinese ting has just outrageous breast size: for Chinese women, even third and fourth the size of the breast is rare.

I must say that, unlike the aforementioned owners of luxury busts, ting did not make a big bust, a way of earning money. On the contrary, for the improvement of living conditions (the girl had a constant pain in the back, it was difficult for her to walk without assistance), she turned to plastic surgeons who carried out the corresponding action.

Lolo Ferrari (Eve Valois)

French dancer, star of the porn industry. The girl was a French record holder of the Guinness Book of records. She was the winner of the biggest Breasts in the world: each breast weighed 2.8 kg.

Lolo has done more than 20 operations to increase the bust. The result of the operations was not only world famous but also health problems. The girl constantly taking potent drugs. Eve Valois died at the age of 37 years old in 2000.

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