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Social media trending of Kumasi that has changed to another name

It has been while in social media trending of kumerica which refer to the United States of Asante.

Not much time I wanna wait, the news have trend to level that it has top on tweeter and more social media platforms, all because Ashanti rigion which call Kumasi now change to kumaricaAccording to social media trends, natives of the Ashanti Region now want to be known as Kumericans.

That’s not just it, the entire Ashanti Region popularly known as Oseikrom is now referred to as the United States of Kumerica, USK for short.

Now it been on if you don't have kumerica visa you are not going to be enter United States of Asante

“Kumerica to the world, they can’t war with us!,” the motto of this new state.even the City and town in it has been name as the same as United States of America. It has been notice that they want Kumasi is Ashanti rigion look alike Americans

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