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Do You Remember Liu Kang Of Mortal Combat? Check To See His current State And Other Lead Actors.

Exactly 26 years ago in 1995, the first Mortal Kombat movie was released and the production cost was $20 million which became so successful in cinemas generated a profit of $122.1 million. The Lead characters of the film was the warrior monk Liu Kang, the actor Johnny Cage, and the soldier Sonya Blade.

The protagonists guided by Rayden the god who aids and provide spiritual fortification in the movie to attack the evil possessed Shang Tsung to save the earth and the whole of humanity. Many Ghanaian youth born in the 90s can either attest to watching the film or playing the movie 1992's original game of the same title, but it was also inspired by and incorporates elements of 1993's follow-up game Mortal Kombat II.

Liu Kang’s resemblance to Bruce Lee was almost entirely coincidental. He was originally supposed to represent a bald monk character or should I say character. Since this is Mortal Kombat after all. However, the actor for the digitized graphics is believed to have refused to shave his head, so they changed his design to resemble Bruce Lee.

One thing that Bruce Lee did a lot of, was high-pitched screaming as he performed his attacks. You’ll hear that from a lot of these characters on this list, but especially the final four. Liu Kang as he’s flying through the air will scream like there’s no tomorrow.

In addition to appearance and screams, Liu Kang’s fighting style is an homage to Lee. Liu Kang flies through the air with devastating kicks, and he can shoot fireballs. Remember when I said Bruce Lee was associated with the dragon. Well Liu Kang can actually turn into a dragon. The picture above is the current state of the actor.

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