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Husband and wife relationship

97-Year-Old Man Who Married 34-Year-Old Lady Displays Dancing Skills With Amakye Dede’s Sokoo Song

Agyaba, the ninety-seven-year-old man who married a thirty-four-year-old young lady has bounced on the floor to display his dancing skills. Agyaba as he is affectionately called was in the studios of Angel FM with his children and wife, Akua Asabea. Agyaba, who is very old now still looks energetic and was able to dance so well to Amakye Dede’s Sokoo highlife track.  

Agyaba was dressed in all white attire with his grown-up children standing beside him whilst he answers all the questions from the host. Kofi Adoma Nwanwani wanted to test the dancing skills of Agyaba and dropped Amakye Dede’s ‘Sokoo Na Maa Pe’ song. It was a nice scene as Agyaba danced with more energy than his children who are still in their youthful stages.

Agyaba indicated that he has nineteen children and still has the strength to make more if his wife will agree. He adds that God has blessed him with herbs and that has been the secret to old age.

“We have given up on children but if she wants more babies, I would give her another. I’m herbalist so I have no issues. I’m still strong in the bedroom if not, she would have run away by now”. He noted.  

On her part, Akua Asabea indicated that her husband has not disappointed him since they both got married. She adds that Agyaba is very particular about the education of his children and has never regretted marrying him.

“My husband has been able to take good care of all his children. At the home, we are all the same and he brings them closer. He does not joke about their education and future. I have never regretted marrying Agyaba because it was the making of the Lord. I was dejected after giving birth to a child and helped me". He indicated.

Agyaba met Akua Asabea and married her at an occasion that got many Ghanaians talking. The secret behind their marriage is that Agyaba was kind to Akua Asabea and that brought them together. After they came together as husband and wife, the two have been living a good life and are blessed with children.

Akua Asabea has since become the source of inspiration to Agayaba. Most of his children are grown ups and are living in the cities with their families. But Akua Asabea has always been with Agyaba. we shall encourage the young girl to continue being an inspiration for Agyaba to enjoy more life.

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