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Today's fixed tips by Zesta1

One of my mentors, Dr Henry Obidi will say:

"Na time e go chop, stammerer go call him papa name"

(It's only time it will take for a stammerer to call out his father's name with ease)

I used to feel I have spent so much time in Film Making for me not to have gotten an award for any of my short films or at least recognition in terms of fame.

Not until I had to make research on many other Film makers who have made a name within and outside Nigeria.

And I realized most had already had over 20 years of experience before the fame in the Film industry.

Here i am, working on getting to my 10th year in the industry and I am worried.

I am not saying time and seasons don't differ from one person to another, but it is best to give yourself 10 to 30 years projection to become the man/woman you want to be.

If your prosperity comes before the time you projected, fine.

If you are not getting anything right, keep pushing

It is only time it will take.

Myles Munroe said,

"Be rooted deep enough to bear fruit"

If you don't gain ground in the industry of your choice, there will be no foundation to build on and the house you've spent time constructing will fall down flat.

So, go deep.


Experience life.

Fail forward with progress in mind.

You are not a failure till you say you are.

If anyone calls you a failure, you are not.

Until you agree that you are, then you are.

" Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it." Habakkuk 2:2

Write your goals and make it bold enough for you to read it daily so it can be part of you.

Once you are clear on your goals, breaking it into smaller plans for you to able to celebrate each milestone you attain is the next thing to do.

Once your life goal is part of you, you'll achieve it.


"I am interested in seeing you become a better person while I work on me too"

My name is Zesta1

Content created and supplied by: zesta1 (via Opera News )

Henry Obidi Zesta1


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