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These Celebrities need to respect our Justice system - Akuapem Poloo Saga.

Hypocrisy, at its best, is when you see our so-called celebrities calling for justice to be crippled, even after a gracious temper. Earlier when she released the picture, we all took to our platforms to bash and question the moral sense in her act. Fortunately, someone took her on for a precedence to be set so that the higher rate of public nudity in Ghana can be curbed.

Now, the very people who use their influence to question the system feel there is the need to protect their own. First of all, do they think our Justice system personnels do not have conscience or reason before passing out judgment? They carefully examined the situation and factored the parties involved. Calling the "merciful sentence" harsh is just an insult they want to throw at the system. What baffles the most is when they are affected, they would come out again to complain. What do they think have made the system not working? It's definitely because some people of influence always stand in its way.

Comparing it to NAM 1 scenario is just lame because if we were to compare defects to defects, how do we then focus on eliminating some of our problems. Not every issue should be made political or personal.

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