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Kelvin Taylor versus Kennedy Agyapong: Daddy Fred in hot waters.

The ‘beef’ between Honourable Kennedy Agyapong and Kelvin Ekow Taylor is getting hotter and hotter, and doesn’t look like the type of ‘beef’ that will be coming to an end anytime soon. 

The clash between the two personalities has also generated many controversies, hot arguments, and many rumors on the social media. The latest of the rumors has it that; Kelvin Taylor has apologized to Honourable Kennedy Agyapong, asking him not to go to court again… but to drop the ‘beef’. 

This rumor did not only generate hot arguments in Ghana…but also sparked anger of some Ghanaians on social media. In the latest attack, a Ghanaian YouTuber has also heavily descended on Daddy Fred, for spreading the false claims that, Kelvin Taylor sent some people to render apology to Honourable Kennedy Agyapong in the middle of their ‘beef’. 

According to the YouTuber, Kelvin Taylor has stated a countless number of times on his show; that Kennedy Agyapong must go to court as he promised, otherwise… he (Kelvin) will sue Kennedy Agyapong…but till now, Honourable Agyapong has not gone to court yet Daddy Fred is busy spreading falsehood on the internet, that Kelvin has apologized to Kennedy.


In a his 9 minutes video, the male Youtuber added that…Kennedy Agyapong and Daddy Fred are trying to play with people’s minds; by forging the story of apology to deceive Ghanaian’s, and to take their attention from Kennedy Agyapong’s vow; that he will be suing the US-based Ghanaian journalist, Kevin Taylor for defamatory.


According to him…Kennedy Agyapong’s own threatening comment against Ahmed Hussein-Suale, (who was subsequently murdered by unknown people), has landed him into trouble, and now he (Kennedy Agyapong) and Daddy Fred fears going to court…but has started playing smart with Ghanaians

He again advised Daddy Fred to stop spending his time on “useless videos” that will not bring any development to Ghana…and advising Ghanaians to disregard the fake stories by Daddy Fred that Kelvin Taylor has sent an apology to Kennedy Agyapong; and asking him to drop the ‘beef’ between them.

Honourable Kennedy Agyapong who is the Member of Parliament for the Assin Central Constituency in the Central Region, has vow that, he will sue Ekow Kevin Taylor for various defamatory comments he (Kevin Taylor ), has made against him (Kennedy Agyapong). According to Mr. Agyapong, he is going to face Kelvin Tailor squarely over numerous unsubstantiated allegations he has made about him.

Kevin Taylor, who is the CEO of the Loud Silence Media, has also said, that he has documents to proves his allegations against Mr. Agyapong…and has also vowed to face the Honourable in court. 

Meanwhile, the US-based Ghanaian journalist Kelvin Taylor; in his latest statement, has advice the public to ignore the rumors, and that he has not apologized to Kennedy Agyapong. According to him, he has never begged or sent anyone to beg the honorable Kennedy Agyapong on his behalf, and will never do that.

Do you think the ‘beef’ between Kelvin Taylor and Kennedy Agyapong will be ending sometimes soon?

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